Pro EFT Workshop Photos  

Here are just some of the photos of our Pro EFT Workshops. Unfortunately, I didn't start taking pictures of our groups until 2007. But still, these are awesome. It was my honor to do create and facilitate these classes and hopefully, you can see we're having fun while learning!

Our first Transformational Tapathon, 2013

                             Some of the "clowns" from our Oct. '12 UPW workshop

        UPW Grads March, '07     

Nanette    Step_Felica_DP
 Nanette                                 Stephanie, Felicia and Delilah     

UPW 12-2-7 
                    UPW Grads, 12--07 with Dr. Eric Robins      


Our first esteemed graduating class of
Pro EFT™ Masters
, 2012
Left to Right:
Uli Mueller- Oakland, JoAnne Harvey- Northern CA, Elizabeth Mandzuk- Australia, Kiya Immergluck- Chicago, Lindsay- San Francisco, Harry Pickens- Kentucky, Becca Pronchick- Napa, CA, Bill Dovel- Idaho,
and Norah Sweetman and Michelle Hughes from Ireland


Practitioners Intensive picnic 3-27-10
Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Karin_Linz    Deb_Victor_LK
Karin Davidson and Lindsay at Matirx '10                     Certification grads, Deb, Victor and Helen '11

Tap Into Love grads, 2012 (not my dog!) ;-)

           maryLaura MaryCorinaVicki                     Non-related twins, Mary and Laura                             Mary, Corina and Vicki

Dancing_girls    Phil_Hang
                              Dancing Queens                                         Frances, Mary, Hang, Phil, Nancy

Our first Train the Trainers Course - Aug. 2010
From left:Diane, Stephanie, Lindsay,Tess, Kiya, Uli

Train the Trainers grads, Sept. '12
(including 3 future Pro EFT Masters, on the right; Uli, Becca and Harry)

Practitioners Intensive Sept. 08 - Behaving themselves...for a change. ;-)

Practitioners Intensive 6-13

    Joe_susie Nika
                        Joe, Susie, Edmond, and Kay                                                 Nika One @ Practitioner Intensive 03-10

               Certification class 03, 2009


Heike_Lori Girls
Brandy, Heike choking Lory (GET her!) Susan and Chase
  Melissa, Sandra, Ava, Dave, Angie and Deborah     


UPW08   AlizaAnnie
            UPW Grads 03-07                                   Aliza (Cowgirl) and Annie

 Deja      girls
                       Deja                       Lovely Assistants: Lola, Judy and Elizabeth from Oz

UPW, 10-13, Craig, Chale, Lindsay, Barb, Robin, Ann

Distinguished UPW Grads, Dec. '09

United Nations peeps- Heike; Germany, Eugenie; S. Africa,
Michelle & Norah; Ireland, and Lynn, citizen of the world

Girls     kerstin
Sara and Jenny-Viva,  Eugenie, Alka; Mumbai  Kirstyn; Norway

TTT_5_11 ClassroomProcess
Our 2011 new Pro EFT Trainers - they make me proud     Classroom process demonstrating Limiting Beliefs

Kristina   girls     
   Kristina                                       Ilka, Diane, Lynn    

Practitioners Intensive '10 Field Trip at Golden Gate Park

hang     Tim       bill
Hang                                 Tim                                          Bill

Zoe   LKDancing
               Zoe Walton                                  Lindsay and girls dancing to "Staying Alive"

        Kate  Iya_Cathryn  Joann
          Kate Winch                         Iyanla and Cathryn                                                   JoAnne

Graduation Pix of Practitioners Intensive '12

Proof that we really DO work! Practitioners Intensive '12

 JenPhil    JoAnn_KR
Jennifer, Phil and Lory                             JoAnne, Katherine and Zoe

  JUD  Valerie
Assistants: Judy, Uli and Diane and >>>>>                              Valerie

Part of our UPW Oct. '12 Workshop

    julia_Kiya  Sandra_Pepper_Lynn 
       Kiya and Julie; trouble-making redheads! :-)                     Sandra, Assistants; Pepper and Lynn


       ZoeLinz   VandM
    Zoe and Linz at March '10 Practitioners Intensive                      Victor and Mark

            PI_03_10_cliffs   Huck            
               Practitioners Intensive Field Trip, 03, 2010 Rodeo Beach                Colorful "Huck"  

Practitioners Intensive 03-11 Mill Valley

Dana   Christine_Tess   daveBrandy
Dana and Sara               Christine and Tess                     David and Brandy
(all at Practioners Intensive Picnics)

         joe_Aliza  tina  raySara
                    Joel and Aliza                        Tina; Assistant                           Ray and Sarah

upw_0309  LLJV
             Practitioners Intensive 03-09                                              Lisa, Lynn and Jenny-Viva

      UPW_10_31_10   muscleTest
                        UPW class - Halloween, 2010                                          Nika being muscle tested by Lindsay

classroom tapping with Zoe


Happy Zoe and Lindsay when every class is OVER! :-)  
Then we miss them!




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